SocietÓ Italiana di Caccia Fotografica
I was born in Como in 1967; since I was a child I've been interested in the beauties of nature, expecially wild life. The passion for photography was the result of the wish to immortalize animals that I love so much.
Then I started to travel and wherever I go the naturalistic destinations are my priorities.

To become a S.I.C.F.'s member gave a big input to my passion and my engagement because I meet some of the best italian photographers.
I'm not specialized in any particular kind of photography but I don't think this is a limit because I try to explore different kinds, enjoy by many angles of nature.

Why Angalia?
In swahili language angalia means "look". I think this word is good for a photographic site because first of all imagines have to be seen. More over I choose an african word because I really love this country and a lot of this pictures you can find on my site has been taken in eastern and southern Africa.
However there are not only african pictures but also from other parts of the world particularly from Italy.
Thanks for your visit.